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Spiral Distilling Apparatus - Graham Condenser 47cm

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Spiral Distilling Apparatus

Total length: 47cm (18.5 inch)

Spiral length: 22cm (8.7 inch)

Hose connection: Ø 8mm (0.3 inch)

Read the instructions below prior to using the device:

1.The distilling apparatus is made of durable technical glass.

2. It comes with four spouts. Spout A and B are used for connecting cooling water (see figure). Spout C is used for connecting the distilling apparatus with the source of vapour. Spout D is the condensed liquid outlet.

3. Connect a hose from the cold water faucet to spout A. The hose connected to spout B should drain the cooling water freely into the sink.

4. Connect spout C with the heated vessel with a hose. Vapour will get into the distilling apparatus through the hose. Place spout D above the vessel where you You will collect the condensed liquid.

5. We recommend using high quality silicone  hose set to connect the distilling apparatus. They are resistant to high temperatures and certified for use with food.

How does the distilling apparatus work?

1. The distilling apparatus consists of two tubes. The external one has the function of a cooler. Water running through the tube is supposed to ensure a constantly low temperature of the distilling apparatus.

2. Condensing vapour moves along the internal tube. Its spiral shape increases the cooling area as well as efficiency of the distilling apparatus.

3. Vapour from the heated vessel gets through spout C into the internal spiral, where they are subject to condensing and cooling. Next in a liquid form they will flow through spout D into the vessel for the distillate. 

NOTE:  Remember that cooling water must flow in the distilling apparatus in the direction contrary to the distillate flow (see drawing). Always activate the flow of cooling water first and then start heating the distilled liquid. Not observing this sequence will cause overheating and breaking the glass. The heating and distilling process must occur—smoothly. The distillate should flow from spout D drop by drop or in a form of minor stream. If you observe a decline in the distillate dripping rate after some time, at unchanged distillation conditions, you can assume the distillation process has been completed. Dismantle the set only once it has cooled down. To ensure even and smooth evaporation of the heated liquid it’s good to add some pieces of China clay or broken ceramics to the liquid. The distilling apparatus is made of glass. Take special  care while using it, use certified gloves resistant to piercing with glass and wear protective goggles. 

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