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  • Pressure ham cooker for making delicious homemade burn ham . 
  • Made of stainless steel ! 
  • Before using the meat press for the first time, wash it in warm water or in a dishwasher, rinse well and dry. Place the selected type of meat in the press chamber. Place the disc plate on the meat mass. The convex side of the disc plate should face up. Screw the spring on the convex side of the disc plate (in accordance with the scheme). Place the cover on the whole device.
  • Place the meat press in a pot with hot water; leave it there for 2-3 hours (depending on meat type).
  • Leave the vessel to cool off, take the meat out of the meat press.
  • NOTE: Do not place dishes directly on the fire or heating plate.
  • Pressure ham cooker device intended for making hams, pork knuckles and luncheon meat
  • The device is not a toy.

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