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  • Primo Sale 10g - Cheese Culture

Primo Sale 10g - Cheese Culture

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  • Primo Sale 10g
  • Recipe: Pasteurize (optional) full fat milk 72° degrees C° for 15 seconds. When the milk drops to a temperature of 42° C add the ferments , at 38° C add the liquid calf rennet. The curd should be ready after 18/20 minutes. Cut this curd with the curd cutter so as to divide it into slices and then cubes of the same thickness, approximately 10 cm, act with great delicacy. Shake this curd without breaking it for about 5 minutes and gently squeeze the dough into the molds. The first turn is made after 20 minutes.Salt the surfaces with medium grained salt. The second turn after 30 minutes add salt on this surface too. Bring the cheese into the cell (pH 5.30) at temperature of 5 °C The cheese is ready after 24 hours.

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