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  • Plastic Tap + Sediment Reducer + Syphon Clip + Bucket Clip + Pvc Tube + Bottle Filler

Plastic Tap + Sediment Reducer + Syphon Clip + Bucket Clip + Pvc Tube + Bottle Filler

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  • Brand: Alcofermbrew
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  • Product Code: Plastic tap set 5in1- Homebrew
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  • PLASTIC TAP - Screw directly into standard container with threaded hole. The tap is fitted in the bottom part of a fermentation container. Two silicone seals make it exceptionally tight. It is used for decanting brewed beer or fermented wine into bottles or another container.
  • SEDIMENT REDUCER  - Adaptor to insert in back of tap Efficient and easy to use adaptor for reducing the flow of hop and yeast deposit when transferring after primary fermentation. Insert the adaptor in the tap with the opening facing upward.
  • SYPHON CLIP - This tube clamp is suitable for the standard (or smaller) syphon tube with a bore size of up to 5/16” (8mm). For installation, place the tube clamp on your  tube via the access holes at each end of the clip. The clamp is operated by the ratchet system, which presses the wall of the tube together, thus closing and reducing the flow of the liquid. Then simply release the clamp via the ratchet mechanism to restart the liquid flow, thus ensuring minimal waste and spills during racking, bottling and transfer.
  • BUCKET CLIP - This Bucket Clip holds the syphon tube (the rigid bit) in place whilst you are syphon leaving your hands free.
  • BOTTLE FILLER - Fit this easy to use stick to your tap or siphon. Put the Bottler Stick into a bottle. Raise the bottle up so the valve touches the bottom of the bottle to start the flow. Lower the bottle when full.

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