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Moonshine Yeast + Super-Klar

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  • Turbo-Yeast - Samogon (Moonshine).  Instruction: 6kg of sugar should be dissolved in hot water and pour in to the fermenter. Top up to 25L with cold water. When the mash is below 30°C add the sachet of yeast and mix well. Allow to ferment for 5-6 days. Optimum fermentation temperature 22-25°C. To make more than 25L, add 1 sachet per each 25L. Alcohol tolerance up to 15%. Ingredients: yeast, nutrient, microelements. Net weight: 80g
  • Fining Agent Super Klar – Spirit Ferm. It removes the solids and semi-soluble compounds which can cause problems later. Enological Product. Stir gently your fermentation tank to remove CO2 from the wine / mash. Add sachet A and stir carefully. After 2 hours add sachet B and stir again. Leave for 24 hours to clear. Net weight: 45g

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