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Mash Yeast - Turbo48 Extra Pure

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  • Brand: Alcopure
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  • Mash Yeast - Turbo48 Extra Pure
  • Instructions: Dissolve the desired amount of sugar in warm water, pour into a digester and fill with hot water to a volume of 25 liters. For the mixture at 20-30°C pour the entire contents of packet of yeast and mix well. Optimum fermentation temperature 22-27°C. 6kg of sugar in 2 days gives 15% | 7kg of sugar in 3 days gives 17% | 8kg of sugar in 5 days gives 19% | 9kg of sugar in 8-9 days gives 21%.
  • Composition: yeast, nutrient, vitamins and microelements. Net weight 140g.

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