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  • Liquor Essence - Chocolate

Liquor Essence - Chocolate

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  • Vodka essence: Chocolate Liqueur is a sweet, chocolate drink. Enjoy as a liqueur or mixed in drinks.
  • Instructions: Pour the 1/4  contents of this bottle into a 1 L bottle. Fill with 950 ml of 40-50% ABV grain alcohol, neutral vodka. Shake well to mix thoroughly.
  • Capacity: 40ml for 4L
  • When you ferment your wash and distil and filter it you are left with a fairly neutral-tasting alcohol similar to vodka. This is a great base for you to explore your creativity. You can create your own essences or add juices and different flavours. However if you want to emulate popular commercial products you'll find it much easier to use one of our essences and flavourings
  • For a more natural, crafty way to flavour your spirit you can use infusements such as bourbon chips, oaks chips and bourbon staves.

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