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Lactoferm Yoghurt Culture

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Lactoferm Yoghurt Culture

Are you fed up with the quality of the yoghurt available at shops? Or have you ever thought about preparing your own, home-made yoghurt which is free from sugar and artificial ingredients? Now you have the chance to become a professional yoghurt manufacturer. 

This Lactoferm Yoghurt Culture is a product which is perfect for professionals and amateurs who wish to prepare their own yoghurt. It contains only good bacteria: Streptococcus termophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus cultures. Each package includes 5g of content and this amount is ideal for the preparation of 1 liter culture. 

The culture can be re-cultivated many times. In order to do so, you just need to store from 2 up to 3 tablespoons in your fridge for the next time you want to prepare some yoghurt. Moreover, freezing can be also helpful in case of achieving the best quality of your dairy product – you need to keep the culture dry in the refrigerator.

To make your own, natural and soft yoghurt, you need up to 8 hours. The mixture should be heated in 47 degrees Celsius. In case you want to produce some hard cheese, fresh cheese and/or soft curd cheese you also need Lactoferm rennet.

  • Lactoferm Yoghurt Culture
  • Content 5g. For 1 litre culture. Can be re-cultivatedmany times
  • Freeze dried culture of superior quality. Make a soft,natural yoghurt in 6-8 hours at 47 °C.
  • Can be re-cultivated many times (keep 2 or 3tablespoons in the refrigerator for the next time you want to prepare yoghurt).
  • This Lactoferm® Yoghurt culture contains Streptococcustermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus cultures.
  • To prepare hard cheese, fresh cheese and/or soft curdcheese you also need Lactoferm® rennet.

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