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  • Lactoferm Liquid Rennet - 50ml

Lactoferm Liquid Rennet - 50ml

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Lactoferm Liquid Rennet

Rennet seems to be one of the most important ingredients. Without it, it is impossible to produce cheese - it serves as a major factor for coagulation and, in addition, it is responsible for completing the process of cheese curding. 

Even though there are alternative and vegetarian types of rennet available to all the professional and amateur cheesemakers, we highly recommend this Lactoferm Liquid Rennet of animal origin. Each of the bottles contains 500 ml of highly concentrated (1/10,000) animal rennet. Due to its properties, it is advisable to store it refrigerated. You also need to know that animal rennet can be kept in a fridge for the period of maximum one year.  

In order to make the finest home-made cheese, you need to stick to dosage. However, with this liquid rennet it is very simple - it allows you to measure the amount of drops very precisely. In case you want to produce soft curd cheese, just apply 1 drop/l. The dosage for either white or hard cheese, you need from 4 to 6 drops/l. 

This product is preferred if you are going to produce longer aged types of cheese too.

  • Lactoferm Rennet liquid 50ml ( Animal Rennet )
  • Highly concentrated = 1/10,000. Store refrigerated!
  • Dosage for soft curd cheese: 1 drop/l.
  • Dosage for white and hard cheese: 4-6 drops/l.

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