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Lactoferm Kefir Culture

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  • Lactoferm Kefir Culture
  • Content 5g. For 1 litre culture. One culture will be enough for around 15 lots of kefir before you need to use a new culture.
  • Freeze dried culture of superior quality. Can be compared to the so called 'kefir grains' and makes 1 litre of kefir based on milk
  • Can be re-cultivated many times. Does not grow 'grains', but it does produce kefir.
  • This culture contains pure kefir flora, made from the well-known kefir "flowers", in freezedried form, and has got special lactobacillus (streptococcus and lactobacillus).
  • Kefir made with this dry culture, is very tasty and less bitter than the kefir made from the fresh "flowers".

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