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Glass Filtration Column for activated carbon

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Glass Filtration Column for activated carbon

Height: 460mm

Column Dia: 40mm

Nozzle Dia: 8mm

Filtration Column 

The filtration column is used to harmonise (correct) the taste and smell of drinking water and alcoholic drinks. An indispensable component that allows performing adsorption is the activated carbon. Owing to this activity, we are able to remove the taste and smell which could adversely affect the quality of the distillates. 

Please read the following instructions carefully before use:

1. The filtration column is made of resistant technical glass.

2. It is equipped with two connector pipes. The connector pipe A (see figure) is intended for connecting the filtration column to the source of distillate, whereas the connector pipe B is an outlet for the condensed liquid.

3. The connector pipe A connects to the source of distillate by means of a small hose, thus forming a pipe, through which the liquid fills the filtration column. The connector pipe B should be placed above the container in which we will be collecting the condensed liquid.

4. We recommend using the high quality silicone hose to connect the still. It is resistant to-high temperatures and has received a food-grade certificate. 

How does the filtration column work?

1. The filtration column is first filled by previously prepared activated carbon up to the level of 1 cm below the connector pipe B. The activated carbon acts as an absorbent.

2. In order to obtain the highest quality of the end product, the distillate should be cooled down to the temperature of 10°C-15°C before the filtration begins.  

3. The filtration rate should not exceed 11/h. 

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