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Turbo Yeast

In our web shop you will find a large assortment of the homebrewing, homedistilling, homewinemaking products such as: Turbo Yeast, Whisky Yeast, Turbo Fruit Yeast, Spirit Essences & Flavouring, Vodka Herbs, Active Carbon, Alcohol Distiller, Alcoholometers Wodden Barrels for Whiskey etc. Turbo Yeast  also known as a vodka yeast, spirit yeast, distilling yeast, hooch yeast or distillers yeast is a mix of dry wine yeast and nutrition. The particular strain used is chosen for its ability to produce alcohol and the nutrients are optimised for providing exactly the right combination of nitrogen, vitamins and trace minerals which the yeast needs in the different stages of alcohol fermentation. Using yeast for vodka ( yeast for moonshine, yeast for spirit, yeast for distilling) fermentation is very rapid. Do not use airlocks or plugs, do not use caps in fermenting containers.

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