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Alcofermbrew is the supplier of cider yeast, mead yeast, cider fermentation equipment, hops for cider, active yeast for all purpose wine, cider and mead.
Saccharomyces Bayanus G995. Specially for the fermentation of high alcohol wines and meads and champagne.
Active Wine Yeast for All purpose wine: All purpose red, All purpose white, Bordeaux White, Bordeaux Red, Burgundy Red, Tokay, Sherry, Malaga, Champagne, Cider dry
All you need now is to bottle and store your cider and
Dry beer yeast - lot less aggressive than champagne yeast.
Specialty Cider yeast - strains are used in commercial cideries.
Please contact us if you have questions about dried beer and cider yeast, cider fermentation, types of  yeast beer, cider, pear, hops for cider, fruit press and accessories, Brewing equipment, bungs etc.
If You are retailer and You are interested with product such a cider and pear yeast, hops for cider and pear, malts for brewing, bored bung, cork bung, silicone bung - Please contact us.
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