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Cheese kit for homemade cheese

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Simple and Fast to make any type of cheese, complete – You need only milk.

With this kit You can produce any type of cheese in a simple and fast way. You can use any kind of milk since our preparations have the ferments that are removed from milk during pasteurization. You only need a 10-12 litre capacity stainless pot to bring the milk to the required temperature. All You need is inside the kit, You won’t need anything else.

  • Set contains:
  • Perforated basin 41x31cm
  • Closed basin 41x31cm
  • Plastic Lid
  • Maturing grid
  • Plastic paddle 40cm
  • Cage thermometer
  • Curd cutter
  • 7 x caciotta cheese moulds
  • 4 x cheese moulds 9.5x7cm
  • Liquid rennet 100ml
  • Metabisulphite 250g
  • Liquid Calcium Chloride 100ml
  • Cheese Salt 200g
  • Book with cheese recipes – Fresh Cheeses, Mature Cheeses, Brie, Caciotta, Fresh Goat Cheese, Camembert, Primo Sale, Robiola, Crescenza o Stracchino, Taleggio, Mozzarella Fiordilatte, Ricotta, Yogurt, Dolci

Entirely produced in Italy, our complete kit contains all the ingredients and equipment to make various types of cheese, fresh and advanced hard cheese with vegetarian or calf rennet in a fast and extremely simple way. We pride ourselves in all high quality made in Italy products and in
having taken some of the guess work out of the process and put together this kit for beginners and for the more experienced cheese makers alike. The kit also includes the Maturing box ( for the first time on the market), designed to protect the cheeses while seasoning or being stored in the fridge and a unique curd cutter to achieve the best performance during the curd cut phase. Please see the image of the complete kit in the attachment.

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