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  • Cheese Mould 1.5kg

Cheese Mould 1.5kg

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  • Product Code: Cheese Form 16x12x11cm
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  • Cheese Mould - Cheese Form
  • Length: 16cm
  • Width: 12cm
  • Height: 11cm
  • Cheese weight: 1.5kg

Cheese Mould 1.5kg

Amateur and professional cheesemakers sometimes want to prepare something really impressive. Not only unique and hard to make types of cheese. They mean something truly extraordinary: a lump of cheese that exceeds the weight of  1kg. Now it is possible with this Cheese Mould 1.5kg

Producers of cheesemaking accessories admit that this cheese form constitutes a perfect solution to the problems of cheesemakers: it is dedicated for bigger, weighing more than one kilogram lumps of cheese. To be exact, if allows for the production of a 1.5kg lump of cheese. The dimensions are: 16cm of length, 11cm in height and another 12cm in width.

Since the mixture of milk and cheese culture prepared for making home-made cheese are usually liquid, it is important that the form for a final product used in the production process is made of high quality materials. Only such products allows your cheese to drain and help the manufacturer to check the progress without spoiling the shape of their cheese even when it is still very soft and delicate.

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