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  • Brie 10g - Cheese Culture

Brie 10g - Cheese Culture

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  • Brie 10g
  • Recipe: Pasteurize the milk for 30 minutes at 65° C, then cool to 38° C. Inoculate with the culture in the indicated dose on the envelope, mix thoroughly for about 5 minutes; Add the calf rennet in the recommended dose. After about 18 minutes cut the curd with the curd cutter, mix and wait for the curd to begin to dry. Remove the whey and to lay the dough in the small caciotta fuscelle. Turn around after about one hour for 4/5 times checking the Ph every 30 minutes. When this value reaches 5.40, place in the cell at a temperature of 8/10° C, 80% humidity. On the next day, add salt or put in brine with 20% salt (2 hours per kg of cheese) or dry. After three days wrap the cheese in order to accentuate the formation of the white mold. Maturation will take place after 15 days of production.

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