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Bison Grass - Zobrowka

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  • Original Polish Bison Grass for 5L of Vodka (sweet grass from Bialowieza Forest - Poland)
  • Zobrowka Bison Grass also known as a Sweet Grass, Holy Grass, Coumarin Grass.
  • The grass contains lots of Coumarin. And that gives off a pleasant taste.
  • Dilute the vodka to 40%. Put 750 ml in a 750 ml bottle. Now add the three stalks. Set it away at room temperature for about a month.
  • After that month, start sipping it. Not all sweet grass has the same amount of Coumarin. Some need a bit longer, others don't. But when you feel you like the taste the grass is giving off to the rye vodka, put that bottle in the fridge and start drinking it.
  • The stalks make a nice twist. They can stay in the bottle.

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