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  • Animal Liquid Rennet 100ml

Animal Liquid Rennet 100ml

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  • ANIMAL LIQUID RENNET 100ml – Is prepared naturally by abomaso frozen and controlled. We extract the contents of the chimasics present in gastric mucosa and to obtain a clear, oily color liquid with a good amount of chemosine. The quantity needed is about 20 g (two large spoons) for every 20 litres of curdled milk brought to the coagulation temperature of about 36° C. This quantity can be varied according to temperature, milk acidity and the technology used. We recommend this kind of rennet for the preparation of: caciotta, mozzarella, sweet and seasoned pecorino, sweet caciocavallo, robiola, crescenza, marzolino, toma, goat cheese, fresh or seasoned cheeses. Using this rennet we guarantee a great yield and a natural fragrance to the finished product. Kept well closed and in a cool and dark place, does not suffer significant leakage of coagulant activity.

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