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  • Alpha-Amylase


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  • Alpha-Amylase starch hydrolyzing enzyme. For preparing mash from grinded rye, wheat, , rice, and other grains.
  • Directions for use: Heat water to 85 -95°C in container and add grinded grain of Your choice in the following ratio: 1 kg grinded gains per 3 to 4 L of water. Mix thoroughly. After 15 to 30 min, add alpha enzyme (1,3g per 1kg of kibbled grain). Maintain the temperature of the mixture at 95°C for 1h whilst stirring continuously. Then leave mash to cool down to 30°C. Add a a sachet with distillery yeast (You will find it in my offer) and ferment 3 to 7 days in accordance with the instruction on the package.
  • Net weight: 4g

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