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Alcotec Vodka Star + Turbo Klar

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  • Product Code: Vodka Yeast + Fining Agent
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  • VODKA STAR The Alcotec VodkaStar was created for making pure spirit even from pot stills. It is especially designed to produce good quality alcohol when using fruit washes.
  • Simply add this yeast with 6 kg of granulated sugar to 21 litres of water to produce 14 % abv alcohol in around 6 days. It will give a very clean and pure result and is suitable for pot still distillation.
  • It is also very temperature tolerant and will ferment in ambient temperatures up to 35 deg C.
  • Weight: 66g
  • TURBO KLAR  Super fast fining
  • Alcotec 24 TurboKlar is a two-component fining agent for wine or turbo yeast wash. It will normally clear anything in 24 hours although some particularly difficult turbo yeast washes such as those from Alcotec 24, may require 48 hours. The consumer pack comes in a dual sachet with total weight of 65g which will clear 25L.
  • Instructions:  First rack off to remove any sediment, then shake or stir to remove CO2. Add sachet A, stir gently, wait 1-2 hours. Add sachet B, stir gently, leave 24h to clear.
  • Contents: Water, kieselsol, chitosan (CRUSTACEAN)
  • Weight: 65g

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