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Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Mega Pack

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  • Brand: Alcotec
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  • Product Code: Distillers Yeast - Mega Pack
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  • Vodka Yeast for 100L
  • Alcotec MegaPack Spirit Yeast is a professional pack for fermenting 100 litres of alcoholic wash from a sugar only based solution. The yeast strain used is one of high temperature tolerance so it can withstand the higher temperatures that comes with a large fermenting volume. Cooling is not required. It is possible to "stack" this turbo yeast, so using two packs for 200 litres. Larger volume is not recommended without cooling facilities. Alcotec MegaPack comes in a 360g sachet, all in one, ready to use.
  • Instruction for use: Dissolve 25kg sugar or 28kg dextrose in 40L hot water. Mix well. Top up with water to 100L and adjust temperature to near 25°C, then add entire content of Alcotec Megapack and mix again. Optimum rum temperature 21°C - 29°C. Alcohon tolerance up to 18%. Ready in 4-6 days. Ingredients: Dried yeast, nutrient, enzymes, vitamins and trace minerals.
  • Net Weight: 360g

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