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Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Fruit

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  • Fruit Mash Yeast Alcotec Turbo Fruit - Distilling fruit liqueurs.
  • Single strain fruit yeast and nutrient with enzyme.
  • Alcotec Fruit Turbo Yeast  with enzyme contains a pure fermenting distillers strain of yeast which was chosen for its ability to retain many of the important fruit qualities. It also contains an enzyme for breaking down pectins in the fruit which could create a haze problem later. Fast fermenting, perfect for creating home distilled fruit liqueurs. Available in 60g sachets for consumer use, or in 25kg sacks for the alcohol industry.
  • Instruction for use: Alcotec Fruit Turbo Yeastcan ferment up to 25 liters of fruit mash. Create Your mash and let it cool down to max 30°C (86°F), then add contents of this sachet and mix well. Leave to ferment in 20-28°C (38-82°F) Do not exeed 35°C (95°F) liquid temperature. Fermentation time is 4-6 days. Ingredients: Yeast, nutrient, vitamins, enzyme.
  • Net Weight: 60g

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