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Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Express 24 Pure

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  • Brand: Alcotec
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  • Product Code: Spirit Yeast - Express 24 Pure
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  • Alcotec 24h Vodka Yeast will ferment a normal sugar/water wash up to 14% alcohol in 24 hours under normal circumstances. The fermentation looks like nothing you have ever seen before, it is more of an explosion, which is why we recommend not to use an airlock (in case something obstructs it).
  • Temperature range: It is critical that you keep the stated temperature range, best with ambient temperature around 25 C. It is actually the liquid temperature that counts, if you can control it, aim for 25C constant to get the best result.
  • How to use: First add 21L of water to your fermenter. Then add 6kg of sugar and mix well until completely dissolved. Finally mix in the contents of this sachet. Leave to ferment in 20-30°C, best is 25°C. Ready in 24 hours! Ingredients: Yeast, nutrient, vitamins and trace minerals.
  • Net weight: 205g

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