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Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Classic 48

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  • Brand: Alcotec
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  • Product Code: Vodka Yeast - Classic 48
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  • Alcotec Classic 48 Spirit Yeast contains a chemically defined, high purity nutrition which together with the special distillers yeast strain is capable of delivering up to 20% alcohol in just under a week.
  • Instruction for use: Add 15L (4 US Gal) of lukewarm (25°C, 77°F) water to your fermenter, than add sugar (see table) and mix well. Top up with water to 25L (6.6 US Gal) total adjusting temperature of liquid (see table). For fermentation time and alcohol, see table. Add contents of this sachet and mix. Note: To reach 21% alcohol you must keep liquid temperature constant between 18-24°C (64-75°F) which can not be done without cooling equipment. Ingredients: Yeast, nutrient, vitamins and trace minerals.
  • Net Weight: 130g

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