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  • Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Batch 200

Alcotec Turbo Yeast - Batch 200

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  • Large scale fermentations
  • Alcotec 200 Batch Turbo Yeast is extremely temperature tolerant and can withstand the high temperatures that develop when fermenting large volumes of wash into alcohol. It has its name from the fact that it can handle up to 200L without any cooling system if you "stack" it (max 8 sachets, for 200L).
  • Instructions for use: Mix hot and cold water to make 21 litres at 20°C. Add 6 kg of sugar, stir until completely dissolved, then add the sachet of yeast. The wash should be fermented out in in 2-4 days depending on temperature. To do more than 25 litres scale the above instructions up to a maximum of 200 liters (8 sachets of yeast will be required). The ambient temperature should preferably be below 25°C or only slightly higher.
  • Net Weight: 86g

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