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  • Alcohol Meter with Thermometer

Alcohol Meter with Thermometer

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  • Product Code: Hydrometer for alcohol + Thermometer
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Alcohol Meter + Thermometer + Glass Jar
  • Thermometer: -20 - 40°C
  • Scale: 0 to 100%
  • Lenght: 24cm

  • This specialized hydrometer is used by distillers to check the alcohol content of distilled spirits.
  • The alcoholmeter measures the alcohol percentage in alcohol-water liquid only.
  • Combined alcoholmeter with thermometer are very usefull and  give a more correct reading. 
  • The indicator is used for determining alcohol content in vodka, spirits and all kinds of distillates (schnapps, fruit brandies, whisky, vodka, brandy, etc) which does not contain sugar.
  • Alcoholmeter will not work with wine or beer.

How To Use Alcohol Meter

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