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About Us

Alcofermbrew company was founded in 1995 by two brothers. We share the same passion as our customers and therefore easier for us to understand their needs. 

Our shop dedicated to providing raw materials, supplies and equipment to home brewers and winemakers for the purpose of making beer and wine at Home.

Our goal is to provide home beer makers and home wine makers with a full line of beer making equipment, wine making equipment, distillation equipment and supplies supported by a knowledgeable staff and a welcoming environment.

We are selling products in seven main home brew categories which help You find what You need for Your home brewing in a very easy way :

1.      BEER – Beer Equipment, Beer Kits, Beer Yeast, Hops, Beer Ingredients

2.      WINE – Wine Equipment, Wine Ingredients and Additives, Wine Yeast

3.      CIDER – Cider Kits, Cider Yeast, Cider Equipment, Cider Ingredients and Additives

4.      SPIRITS & LIQUERS – Alcohol Distillers, Spirits Equipment, Vodka Ingredients, Spirit Essences & Flavouring, Turbo Yeast

5.      YEAST – Beer Yeast, Cider Yeast, Turbo Yeast, Wine Yeast

6.      EQUIPMENT – Alcoholmeters, Hydrometers, Trial Jars, All Grain Equipment, Bottling, Bored Bungs, Cork Bungs, Silicone Bungs, Rubber Bungs, Filtration, Fruit Press, Funnels & Strainers, Siphons, Pipes & Airlocks ( Bubblers ), Thermometers

7.      SMOKING – Meat Injectors, Meat Netting, Preserving, Smoking Hooks, Thermometers

For two decades we have learned the importance of customer service. Therefore we emphasize: the quality of our products, speed of delivery, and easy return the goods.

Bored rubber bungs also knows as a Laboratory Bungs, Bungs with Hole, Drilled Bungs are used in a wide variety of applications - Home Brewing, Wine Making, Preserving, Laboratory. The resilience and compressibility of the bungs are a few of the outstanding qualities. Rubber  Bungs with hole are chemically inert and are moisture resistant.

We offer two types of bored bungs – Bungs with 1 hole and bungs with 2 holes.

Please contact us if you have questions about rubber bungs, cork bungs, silicone bungs, stoppers, etc.

If You are retailer and You are interested with product such a bored bung, rubber bung, cork bung, silicone bung, stopper - Please contact us.


Company Information: Alcofermbrew | ul.Partyzantow 66a/7 | 10-523 Olsztyn | Poland | Vat Reg No. PL7393228470 | Phone: 0048730357660 |


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